Hello world!

At the beginning was the…


A glimpse through a rather traditional light microscope captured with a digicam

BIG BANG! After mulling over it for quite quite a while, it hit me that starting a blog might not be such a bad idea after all. They say a blog is like a shark – if it doesn’t move it will die.  I am not sure if I’ll be able to move this in the right direction – for now I just hope it doesn’t bite back. Maybe it works as a base for all the stuff that never seems to quite fit in anywhere else? Maybe this is the right way now to seed some inspiration, hatch a few ideas and get initial and constructive feedback? Well, what the heck, let’s just see if and how I get this thing off the ground.

The general idea is that the combination all different bits flying about and sparks of insight will evolve into something more coherent, located at the intersection of my interests and expertise, revolving around genes, computers, research, networks, the relationship of science to art & society, proteins, molecular architecture, interactions, evolution and algorithms … over time you (and me as well) might get the a clearer picture while I’ll get the hang of this blogging thingy.

  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/12/12 - 16:00

    An overview of “Hello, World!” programs in more computer languages than one has ever time to get to grips with is available at

    Click to access helloworld.pdf

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