It’s the question what drives us

Sounds somewhat like Trinity whispering to Neo in the disco – but seriously: there is new scientific data presented in a gorgeous way by the RSA. They have a few lectures re-worked in that style (cognitive media), and it’s compelling. (By the way, in the end they mention Linux and the “Atlassian” – see previous post)

For all those who support Edward Tufte in his fight against “death by PowerPoint” : Seems there is indeed a life after death since now there is a new tool out that promises some help in liberating the masses from the the tyranny of bad slides:

I often had the problem that in order to get an idea across I’d have to chop it up into pieces and present them as slides and bullet-points (more bullets, less point: aaarrrgh!). That’s what people expect when “meetings” are called. Wasting everybodies time and energy. If you follow a more visual approach (actually, powerpoint was originally created in the 70s to show pictures, not blueish bar-charts for the managers) keynote has some ways (like “magic move”) to generate transitions that support the flow of the story you are trying to get across. But essentially, it’s still slides. Why are the classical chalk-talks so much better (a.k.a. the back of the napkin)? Although my hand-drawing in no way can compete with good computer graphics, watching the process of drawing itself gets so much more information across than just throwing stylish slides at the audience. A radical new way of stitching together the imagery into a story which actually might combine the best of both worlds could be Finally something that comes close to my visual way of thinking! I am all excited, but still need to try it out for real.

As further reference, I’d like to recommend Presentation Zen. As a warning: depending on how open your boss is to new ideas, ditching the classical presentation mode for a more visual approach might lead to raised eyebrows and acidic comments (would you mind putting the company logo everywhere? And use the standard templates – please? ) – but I guess it’s human nature to worship the FORM they got used to over content and meaning.


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