Molecule of the Month

Swiss-Prot Home Pagenow offers “Protein Spotlight”  as a monthly review written by the Swiss-Prot team at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Spotlight articles describe a specific protein or family of proteins on an informal tone.

Cytochrome - Molecule of the month May2011

This is similar to the PDBs “molecule of the month” section, which I enjoyed for already quite a while and is now merged into the PDB-101.

Created by David S. Goodsell – who has the amazing ability to combine his in-depth knowledge about proteins with an artistic streak to depict proteins in their physiological environment. His 2nd edition of  “The machinery of life” has an archive of the figures available here. A must have read!
While we are at it, the NCBI “Coffee break” might roughly fit in here as well, although there seem to be less frequent updates.


  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/11/28 - 11:03

    see also: QUite Interesting Protein Structures

    “PDBeQuips are short articles and tutorials on structures picked from the PDB archive. More often than not, as the name suggests, these pages will focus on ‘quite interesting’ PDB structures rather than daunting behemoths.”

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