Histone Modification Patterns …

play a predictive role in embryonic cell differentiation – this paper published this week in Science reveals a “functional “prepatternof chromatin states within multipotent progenitors and potential targets to modulate cell fate induction“. An additional discussion is in this article on genomeweb/proteomonitor by Adam Bonislawski.

It fits the picture that not only gene-regulation, cancer- and pluri-potent stem-cells rely on the state-switching machinery revolving around nucleosome/chromatin. Also Frank Holstege’s lab has a recent paper in this field (in MolecularCell – congrats!).

Hence I dug up this visualisation of the nucleosome and its lateral surface I did some time ago and put it up here. Enjoy!

Nucleosome from Michael Lappe on Vimeo.

P.S.: There is a nice expert review on the topic by M.S. Cosgrove “Histone proteomics and the epigenetic regulation of nucleosome mobility“. (PMID:17705705) (Hinted to by Robert Schneider)


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