BioInformatics TimeLine

A timeline of breakthroughs on the way to modern BioInformatics

On dipity I created a timeline for BioInformatics, focussing on the major intellectual, algorithmic and technological breakthroughs. The dipity system is cool and quite self-explanatory – you can link texts, photos and even videos for an event. I have added some key discoveries mainly from “pre-historic times” (before the advent of internet and high-throughput sequencing), but would be happy for any suggestions and contributions. The timeline is open for edits, I guess a (free) registration might be necessary, though. At the moment it’s a “draft” and I’ll add, fill gaps & edit as I go along – Have fun!

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  1. #1 by Jagannath on 2011/05/31 - 06:30

    I like it very much. The interface is also very good. The draft itself provides a lot of information. I liked the idea of integrating all the field of science from where bioinformatics is derived. All d best..!!! Keep it up…!!!

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