Data Visualisation is a creative agency that specializes in data visualization. On their site on information aesthetics. (Where form follows data) I came across this article on

A potentially useful feature is that custom-made templates can be added through the use of Processing.js (that’s the little, more outgoing twin-sister of processing).

Number Picture is a web application that enables you to come up with, easily create, and share fresh and interesting tools for visualizing data – that others can then use to visualize their own data.” Very interesting- a breeze of crowd-sourcing and open-access/open data in visualisation. Sounds good to me!

On their page I learned that the classical pie-chart was invented in 1801 (for historical context: at that time, the French Revolution was just over and Napoleon ruling) – and that PictureNumbers just went live less than 2 weeks ago – so this is hot stuff, fresh from the oven. If you have tested a piece of the cake, please let us know (comment!) before you decide to take over the bakery.

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