Molecular Animations Galore

To continue with examples in communicating “what is it all good for”: the University of British Columbia’s former “iCapture Centre” (now James Hogg Research Centre) has done a great piece on linking Asthma treatment with the underlying genetic and molecular mechanisms. (Here is Part1 and Part2)

The animations were realised by Arkitek Studios and they made a science-demoReel available.

They did some impressive work for nature on RNAi:

This series of three animations was created for Nature Reviews Genetics in 2004, built originally to live on Nature’s site temporarily, perhaps a month or so.
Seven years later, with millions of hits, it has proven to be one of the most popular things Nature has ever had on its site.
Plans are in the works to revisit the piece, since much has been learned about RNAi in the interrim. Look for the new RNAi animation by the end of 2011.

Looking forward to it!
There is also a “Nature Education Scitable“, something on Cadherin,
Stem Cells – “What are they?”, GPCR proteins, and Large Scale Biology (Human Protein Index). Enjoy!

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  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/06/02 - 18:10

    Forgot to include nucleus
    and their medical animations:
    and their 2008 Nucleus 3D Medical Animation Demo Reel

  2. #2 by cistronic on 2012/03/28 - 15:18

    The new RNAi animation on is available at

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