(Digital) Life is for Sharing

Actually I know very few people who have NOT yet been infected by this contagious, addictive phenomenon. Obviously I am not referring to bird flu, swine fever or certain strains of E.coli but to “Angry Birds” here. Through unfortunate circumstances, I currently still am a (angry) customer of the piggy-pink Telekotz and am looking very much forward to the end of their tyranny contract with me. Now, after this clarification, I hope to have established the necessary critical context and am comfortable to bring the following ad to your valued attention: The idea and realisation of taking such a game, based on a relatively simple 2D physics simulation, into the “real world” is quite stunning.

“It’s time to end this struggle which has cost millions of innocent people their ability to concentrate in work!”

A historic moment for birds and pigs everywhere! – from ‘Eretz Nehederet‘ (A Wonderful Country)


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  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/12/17 - 06:45

    “Angry Birds” recording by Pomplamoose

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