After writing a couple of sketches in processing, the urge to share it tends to become bigger. Of course processing lets you export a sketch as an application for any architecture$(windows, linux, OS/X). That has the advantage of eventually using more of the power of the local hardware, but not everybody wants to download the full program just to have a sneak-peek preview how it looks like in action. Processing also let’s you generate an applet that can be included in web-pages. In case you are not maintaining your own web-server, OpenProcessing comes in very handy in a couple of aspects.

First, you can check out and learn from others – just the way it should be. I just got my first test – a relatively simple “hello-world” program – uploaded and working in a simple, self-explanatory 3 step process.

Of course, that’s not THAT impressive in itself, but I like to have a simple testprogram around to get started. There’s more to come, the 3D tests are underway but didn’t work (yet).

This might also be an ideal platform for teaching the basics of computer-science.

…if you are teaching or studying Processing in class, workshop, or any other educational purposes, create a classroom in OpenProcessing to use with your students and classmates.

Keeping the open source spirit of Processing, we are inviting you to share the steps you take while teaching and learning Processing.

Also see the links below:

Processing Educators Google Group
Educators Group from ARTANDCODE Symposium
Teaching Section from the website of Daniel Shiffman

Yours truely will keep you posted about the progress(ing) in this area!

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  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/06/24 - 22:18

    The 3D Sphoxel-visualisations now work (Using the Processing P3D renderer instead of OpenGL)

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