The guardian of the genome

P53 is a very central hub of the cellular (protein-)interaction network. Its’ importance is also underlined by the over 50.000 articles already published on it, most of it related to cancer: entering ‘P53 AND cancer’ into pubmed returns 43919 articles (17726 entries on ‘P53 and mutation‘ and 5237 articles about p53 gene function. In case you wanted a somewhat lighter executive musical summary, see the video below (found via SchockWellenReiter): “to keep your genome mutation free, it’s the concentrated passion of P53”

Some additional background info:

Here is Sting performing “Russians” live in Berlin 2010 (with the Berlin philharmonics) “We share the same biology, regardless of ideology”.

In this video, Professor Sir David Lane, Cancer Research UK’s Chief Scientist, talks about his discovery of p53 and why it is so important for today’s cancer researchers.

And an update on the dichloroacetate DCA hype re-appearing just one year later (an effect of old media recycling their stuff year after year?)


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