My (first) PREZI-ous

In order to test how alternative ways of presentation work in real life, I’ve created the “backbone” of a lecture on the basics of structural alignment.
The current version of the prezi can be viewed at here/.

The plan is to combine this with a couple of intro-slides (keynote) plus using / demonstrating some “practical” aspects of alignment “life” with pymol and other software (cmview, processing sketches). I guess it’s choosing the right medium for the message, so I’ll include some “real” 3D models and use the black/white board as well – so the prezi gives the overall outline, but does not contain the entire lecture.

So far it has been a smooth and rewarding experience to use prezi, especially since it alows to gather all the concepts on one screen and subsequently put a logical path through it. This results in an interative process by adding / removing items and changing the path accordingly. It really helped because I could start by throwing in all the important concepts I wanted to talk about without a pre-conceived linear order. The ordering is an “emergent property” of the process. Any feedback is very much welcome!

Thanks to Bosco Ho for inspirations (the title is from him), see his post “Structural alignment done right”.


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  1. #1 by Hugh Shanahan on 2011/07/28 - 14:41

    Hi Michael,
    this looks great – I saw a prezi at ISMB this year and will definitely have a go with it. I’ll see if I can use it for some of my undergraduate teaching this year. What’s nice is that it’s actually very hard to merge audio with a flash video so if a lecture’s audio is recorded then you’ve got the presentation in its entirety… if I get that to work I’ll let you know.


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