Network-Sculpting in 3D

Not only the WWW, but also the roots of Linux date back about 20 years. (What the heck was going on back then?)
Happy birthday, little Penguin! It has waddled a long way, found many friends and has grown up considerably.

(see the Linux Foundation pages for more info, and I’ll spare you the historic details of my first install of a kernel with a version nr.<1.0). Besides that much of the internet rests on Linux, what’s that got to do with 3D and networks? Well, my digital birthday present is this 3D Penguin I did in SCULPTRIS: “… an elegant, powerful and yet easy to use 3D sculpting software”.
Indeed, it was a pleasure to do. Sculptris is freely available from pixologic for download (unfortunately only for Mac OS/X and Windows, but not for Linux (yet?)). It’s the “little brother” of  ZBrush, which probably is the most popular digital sculpting tool out there.

It also features adaptive triangulation (dynamic tessellation) – which sounds very dry but means that it makes modelling using 3D geometric networks intuitive, fast and addictively fun. It handles well with the mouse, but together with an inexpensive Graphics-tablet it works extremely smooth, even on standard machines. Bump- and texture- mapping tools are great, but need a bit of getting used to. In addition to the introductory videos on the sculptris homepage I’d recommend these videos on sculpting and painting, they helped me considerably to get results in quite a short period of time. (Here is a ´CheatSheet‘ from DrPetter’s Homepage Forum). Happy Sculpting!

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