F***Book – the network bites back.

So there is this guy who sells your private information to corporations. Big time. Does he go to jail? Nope, of course the Sucker gets a mountain (german: Berg) of money and is named man of the year on top. Now there are some other guys, some even lesser known than others, who contribute to your freedom of opinion / speech / information and fight against corporate rule / oppressive regimes. They are not going to be rich, probably, but they might be going to jail. Hey, that’s post-modern justice. As happy as I am not to have ever fallen into the f***book trap, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for myself to get smug about it – the nagging thought remains: who or what assures me that other social networks I do trust a bit more (at the moment) will not proceed along similar lines at some point in the future? Maybe it will be our Politicians and the Data Protection Laws? Maybe if enough people pulled out of f***book (it might take a few clicks) it would set an example… In the end, both are very entertaining and almost equally naive thoughts, aren’t they!? Still feeling idealistic nevertheless, go on then …

Here is the visualisation of the (very real) case of Max Schrems who insisted to get access to ALL the information stored on him, published by the tageszeitung in collaboration with OpenDataCity and Europe-V-Facebook.org

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  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/11/18 - 14:20

    The freedom to choose your butcher
    – or – YOU are the product:

  2. #2 by cistronic on 2011/11/18 - 14:28

    Why didn’t he simply pull out of F***Book and took his data elsewhere?
    “Victory! #Facebook has buckled! I’m Salman Rushdie again.”
    I feel inclined to call that a pyrrhic victory for the esteemed author

  3. #3 by cistronic on 2012/09/26 - 22:07

    “As for Person of the Year, we couldn’t find the dislike button on Facebook for TIME’s choice, so we made our own. Here’s our version of the magazine:”

    BTW, here a tutorial on how to visualize/analyse your F***book network (in german) using Gephi :

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