Computer-to-Gene Interface

Using a light-activated gene-system, researchers from the ETH Zurich and UCSF demonstrated that gene-expression can be controlled from the outside using a computer.

The approach is a comparatively simple means to take control of fantastically complex biochemical processes to achieve a desired result.

see the report in the BBC Science & environment section “‘Cyborg’ yeast genes run by computer” – Unfortunately the original article in Nature Biotechnology (doi:10.1038/nbt.2018, 2011 advance online publication) is not OpenAccess:

In silico feedback for in vivo regulation of a gene expression circuit” (Andreas Milias-Argeitis et al.)

Probably belongs into the not-yet-existing category “Convergence of Life- and Information-Science”.

Shared via LinkedIn by Gary Johnson in Computational Biology


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  1. #1 by cistronic on 2011/11/17 - 10:05

    Along similar lines appeared in nature methoods:
    “Light-based feedback for controlling intracellular signaling dynamics”
    by Jared E Toettcher, Delquin Gong, Wendell A Lim & Orion D Weiner

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