Visualizing Social Network Dynamics

Honestly, I am still coming to grips with some features of google+, but it’s gaining on me. Thanks to suggestions there, I came across this visualisation :

This video visualizes 5 hours of posts, comments, and likes on Google Plus condensed in to 4 minutes.

I think the way dynamical aspects of the network are highlighted is quite impressive and could be useful in the context of biomolecular networks as well:

More details explaining what’s going on are available on the youtube-page (click the youtube-logo in the lower right of the video). There you can switch from 360p to HD (up to 1080p) and watch it in full screen mode, which allows to clearly read the text and labels that pop up. A nice description is in “Take That, Google: Interactive Google+ Stream Visualizer Launching as Chrome Extension” – it is also mentioned among “The 65 Stories TechCrunch Didn’t Cover in November (But LAUNCH Did)” on (surprise!) LAUNCH.

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