Complexity in the natural world is fascinating, don’t you think? In the most complex systems, we can look deeper to find a network of interacting elements. Little beings loving and dancing scientific hobscotch(?) using their tiny little brains to make the most wonderful things happen – TOGETHER.

Emergent properties in Complex systems and robotics explained by a hilly-billy guy with a funny (dutch?) accent – just made my day:

The CUBELETS robots construction kit is available from ModularRobotics – they also have a nice blog with some posts on FabLabs and Workshops.

featured on Ars Technica, make magazine, Wired, Thrillist, IEEE Spectrum and found via SchockWellenReiter.

The basic kit (6 of them) will be out April 27th for 160$. At first that sounds a bit hefty, but that’s a similar price as an average Lego set and the fraction of the Mindstorms NXT – which puts it again somewhat into perspective (1 cubelet costs about as much as an arduino board).

Don’t know what’s the better fitting final quote here – Alea iacta est or deus ex machina ? Whatever, soo want some… a loose reminiscence to this previous post on “Cubism” comes to mind, though.

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