Visualizing Biological Data

The VizBi-2012 Conference took place in Heidelberg this week – unfortunately I couldn’t attend it. Nevertheless, I received a bit of summary and feedback: The talks will be made available online, I am looking forward to check out a few of them (i.e. Jim Robinson, Jernej Ule). Ivet Bahar (ProDy) and Valerie Daggett (Dynameomics) gave an interesting overview on Molecular Dynamics.

The conference was preceeded by a several tutorials on Monday. Among them on was one on Processing.js (which has been mentioned around here a few times before) and one on D3.js. Both are based on JavaScript and generate cool Visualisations for the Web. D3 only recently got onto my radar, it’s document driven approach seems quite powerful. So it’s definitely worth a look –

see some more examples (like the force-directed layout on the right) on and the workshop slides can be found at

Thanks to to Corinna Vehlow for feedback!

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  1. #1 by cistronic on 2012/03/14 - 12:19

    Obviously taking a “google-maps-like” approach to biological data across several layers of resolution is an idea that should (and eventually will) be realized.
    At the moment, I don’t see much more than warm words and statements of intend …
    see also

    I hope to be wrong, to me it just sounds like one of the many big monolithic software projects that are too heavy-headed and doomed to fall over.
    For such things, taking an incremental grassroots approach, thinking along the lines of OpenStreetMap, seems to be a better way to ensure long-term sustained future developments.

  2. #3 by cistronic on 2012/03/21 - 16:07

    From Ever wondered what scientists scribble down at conferences? We’ve found out! Check out Francis Rowland’s #VIZBI notes at

    EMBL Heidelberg
  3. #4 by cistronic on 2012/05/21 - 12:01

    Plenty of inspiration on infographics at
    Also check out this wind-map

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