Weekend Music

This one is so crisp and up-to-date it’s not even available yet in the non-virtual world: Santigold‘s new album “Master of My Make-Believe” will be out 23rd April (UK) / May 1st (US).

Seems the beancounters can’t find a proper box for this one in their desperate attempts to classify it, whether it’s retro dub, Neo Wave, hip-hop, drum’n’base or alternative – whatever, I don’t care as long as it sounds great and soothes my ears. Nice baseline – Yep, pump up the volume and enjoy!

Just in time I found this review “Network Science Reveals The Cities That Lead The World’s Music Listening Habits” on technologyreview.com via Social Foraging (“Dynamics of Social Interaction”, curated by Ashish Umre).

The evidence that ideas and fashions spread through society like viruses or like wildfire is compelling. Numerous studies have examined the networks in which this spread takes place and with increasingly large data sets to work with, researchers have become increasingly confident in their network-centric view of the world. These tools are teasing apart the large scale behaviour of humanity in ever increasing resolution.

The original article “The Geographic Flow of Music” by Conrad Lee and Pádraig Cunningham is available on arXiv:1204.2677v1.

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