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29C3 - 17720

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The 29th Chaos Communication Congress (29C3) was held a couple of weeks ago under the title “Not my department” at the Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany.

Being among thousands of fellow nerds with so much going on was breathtaking. My most lasting impression was to see how many important non-technical aspects like philosophy, law and health were tackled in some of the talks and discussions with a refreshing hacking attitude. Clearly, the scope is expanding well beyond the limits of what is traditionally considered the comfort-zone of us nerds. As there were 3 tracks running in parallel, it was just impossible to attend everything, but fortunately, the video-streams are available on CCC-TV. Some of the talks that got me thinking are Applebaum’s opening keynote, “Hacking Philosophy“, “Best of … Verfassungsschutz“, “Hacking the law“, and “Enemies of the State“. Not to forget the wonderful discussions at the bar later, affectionately called “10-forward“. Hope to be there for the 30C3 again …

imagine the world as it should be – and then: code it up!

Here is where the title comes from: “… once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That’s not my department! – says Wernher von Braun” by Tom Lehrer:

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    We just love surveillance (german)


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