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Am I Boss and Hero of Kosmos!

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Todays DOODLE marking the 60th anniversary of Stanisław Lem‘s first book is a welcome occasion to point out the recent production “IJON TICHY – SpacePilot“.

It’s inspired by Lem’s “Star Diaries” (Dzienniki gwiazdowe), the intentionally trashy (but not cheap) series follows roughly the equation (HitchhikersGuide + RedDwarfStarTrek). It’s kind of 60s, sort of groovy – and cool as a 3-room flat built into a coffemaker with a hyperdrive can be. Unfortunately available in german (with a strong eastern european accent) only:

More info and links are on the ProductionBlog. The 2nd part of the series just started recently – episodes are freely available on

“… buht soh Peoples arre – belieeve rratherr grreeatest Buhlshit than trrue fact.” – this final line in every Episode is a statement one can only heartily agree with.

(“… aberr soh sind Menschen- glauben lieberr grrösßsten Blötsinn als waahrre Tatsache.”)

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