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Drawing Formulas

One of those nifty little tools that just make life easier: WebEquation by VisionObjects.

Just draw your formula, and it returns the corresponding LaTeX or MathML code. For me, it works great with a cheap graphics tablet, feels a bit more cumbersome (but ok) with the mouse – but still waaay better than messing around trying to convince LaTeX to let that darn’ formula say what you really want it to say. As an example, I just did Euler’s identity in a couple of seconds. For all of us who don’t do this on a daily basis 😉

Found via SchockWellenReiter.


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Everything looks like a graph …

Gephi is a free and open-source and multiplatform (Mac, PC, Linux) Graph Vizualisation software claiming to be just “Like Photoshop™ for graphs”.

There is active development in the community, current stable release version is 0.8 beta and a corresponding toolkit.

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Literature Space

geomapped PubMed Data

Online visualisation of a subsample of the Medline dataset

Coping with the onslought of biomedical literature (not to mention data) has been likened to satisfying your thirst by drinking from a firehose at full pressure. In short: it hurts and you get blown away and soaked, but not refreshed or energized to take your next steps up the mountains of scholarly insight.

It’s clear you can’t read everything that is somewhat related to your special field of interest. So how is it going to help if there is an openly available dataset of medline available, containing about 19 million(!) entries?
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