cistronic – a hybrid that resulted from merging ‘cistron‘ (used interchangeably with the word gene, a cistron is the unit of hereditary material (e.g. DNA) that encodes one protein – thanks Wikipedia!) with ‘informatics‘.

Me - Curious how it works.

looking at things from a different angle

To cut a long story short, I call myself a BioInformatician. The particular kind that was bred by exposing a trained computer scientist extensively to biochemistry, biophysics & genetics. I have a fascination with networks, across all levels of resolution. My approach to science is interdisciplinary by nature. Talking about nature: she, of course, couldn’t care less about peoples’ attempts to stuff it all in labelled boxes. From my experience, if you can look at it from a number of angles and it still makes sense, you probably have a gem of truth in your hands.

Michael Lappe, Ph.D.

see here for professional background and a list of publications on ResearchGate.

Michael Lappe's bibliography

P.S.: As Kevin Flynn would put it:
” It’s [all about] bio-digital jazz, man! “

  1. #1 by cistronic on 2013/01/17 - 12:42

    Cistron: “A unit of function can be defined genetically, independent of biochemical information, by means of the elegant cis-trans comparison devised by [Ed] Lewis…Such a map segment, corresponding to a function which is unitary as defined by the cis-trans test applied to the heterocaryon, will be defined as a cistron.”

    via http://caseybergman.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/from-electron-to-retrotransposon-on-the-origin-of-a-common-suffix-in-molecular-biology/

  1. On the Future of Data Science « cistronic

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